The database of cemeteries and graves of Polish airmen killed or died during the war and after the war, scattered all over the world ...

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Chichester Cemetery

Wielka Brytania
Updated: 2012-04-15

List of Polish airmen (4):

Official Number First name Surname Date of death Grave
76706 EDWARD ROMAN PILCH 1941-02-20 Square 42. R.C. Plot. Grave 41.
793584 JAN PRZYBYŁOWSKI 1941-02-14 Square 42. R.C. Plot. Grave 45.
781267 WILHELM SASAK 1940-11-30 Square 42. R.C. Plot. Grave 40.
76736 BOLESŁAW ANDRZEJ WŁASNOWOLSKI 1940-11-01 Square 42. R.C. Plot. Grave 35.
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Zdjęcia Zenon Dudek (2,3). Na cokole krzyża nazwiska polskich lotników pochowanych na Chichester Cemetery.
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