The database of cemeteries and graves of Polish airmen killed or died during the war and after the war, scattered all over the world ...

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Epping Cemetery

Wielka Brytania
Updated: 2012-04-16

List of Polish airmen (7):

Official Number First name Surname Date of death Grave
P-1896 MIECZYSŁAW FRANCISZEK BEFINGER 1945-05-16 Section Z. Grave 9.
P-2060 STANISŁAW BEŁZA 1945-04-11 Section Z. Grave 7.
703897 ZYGMUNT BOĆKOWSKI 1945-04-11 Section Z. Grave 8.
703994 ANDRZEJ DĄBROWSKI 1944-11-09 Section Z. Grave 6.
780678 FELIKS GMUR 1940-08-30 Section Z. Grave 2.
705386 ZENON Leon Kacper MYCZKOWSKI 1945-07-09 Section Z. Grave 10.
783147 ALEKSANDER PIETRZAK 1945-08-02 Section Z. Grave 11.
Zdjęcia: Geoffrey Gillon
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