The database of cemeteries and graves of Polish airmen killed or died during the war and after the war, scattered all over the world ...

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Boulogne-sur-Mer - cmentarz Wschodni

Updated: 2011-12-30

List of Polish airmen (11):

Official Number First name Surname Date of death Grave
P-1301 STANISŁAW CICHOWICZ 1942-12-06 Plot XII Row C Grave 20.
793486 ZDZISŁAW DERULSKI 1942-12-06 Plot XII Row C Grave 18.
780860 JÓZEF FURMANIAK 1942-12-06 Plot XII Row C Grave 19.
P-0544 BERNARD GROSZEWSKI 1941-12-08 Plot XII Row D Grave 12.
P-1602 LECH ANDRZEJ KONDRACKI 1943-08-09 Plot X Row A Grave 2.
703029 ADAM EDWARD KOZAKIEWICZ 1942-12-06 Plot XII Row C Joint Grave 21-22.
782860 ANDRZEJ NIEWIARA 1941-08-09 Plot XI Row A Grave 5.
76764 PIOTR OZYRA 1942-04-29 Plot XIII Row C Grave 13.
782594 MATEJ PAVLOVIĆ 1941-04-20 Plot XIII Row A Grave 19.
781680 BOLESŁAW SAPKO 1942-12-06 Plot XII Row C. Joint Grave 21-22.
P-0722 KAZIMIERZ WOLIŃSKI 1941-09-16 Plot XIII Row B Grave 14.